The Info Tech Club is the Brain Child of the Information Technology Department initiated by Daniel A. Wisdom Jr.

One Club, Ahead with Technology

A thousand possibilities

Although not seen as an academic school Petersfield High has a the human resources around that may make anything possible. Once the vision is shared it is only the direction and the willingness of someone willingness to try, and to do so by giving of ones best.

For years Petersfield has had a high levels of success in Information Technology at the CSEC Examination level and proudly boasts itself as one of the institutions readily mentioned at many workshops across the island.

Twice the school has had the highest grade achieved in Information Technology in the entire English speaking Caribbean and with nearly a hundred percent passes in the subject for nearly 12 years.

Individuals within the department are blessed with skills that span a wider area than the norm and it is these attributes that the need for a Technology Club is submitted.

The skills are here and it is full time it is used to push the brand Petersfield High School. Petersfield now rides high on its explosion in the world of Track and Field and the interest of our students are at an high.