Principal’s Message For the New Calendar Year

Warmest greetings to you my colleagues, parents and students. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that never in our lives have we all experienced such a difficult year. The coronavirus pandemic was and is a once-in-a-century educational, social and economic challenge. It is a historic crisis that has demanded a great deal of all of us and too much of some of us. I know that mustering this historic effort has required tremendous trust and patience on your part, and continues to do so. For that, I am sincerely grateful to you. Countless people have helped make it possible for our lives to go on through the pandemic. Never have we greeted the New Year with so much hope, despite all of our concerns and some scepticism. And so you and your families have my very best wishes for good health, confidence and blessings in the New Year 2021.

Let us take this period as an opportunity to thank and appreciate each other. We ignore this in our daily life; we get targets, deadlines, and assignments to achieve. In all of this, we forget to look around and appreciate those who keep us running.

This year, let us make resolutions to acknowledge those who stand behind us no matter what because we are who we have become on account of those who love us unconditionally.

Students, please be reminded that empty slogans resulted only in empty lives, and as such a few things are needed- 1. Good planning. Do not neglect to set clear, concrete and achievable goals for yourselves. For example, if you want to achieve excellence in the academia you must first understand that you should set high standards for yourself in each subject area in test or examination; seeking the solid support of your teachers; forming serious study groups with your classmates and drafting your own study timetable to achieve your dream. If you have good planning, you are already on the road to success.

A healthy mindset is also essential. No matter how well you have planned, you should have the courage to accept failure. Maybe one day you fail in a test and therefore are frustrated, but never give up. Do not forget your dream and the fact that you still have a smart choice-that is, to learn from failure, to find out the key problem and then to overcome it when it occurs again.

Students, we understand how great the pressure is that you are facing but we will always stand by you. Treasure the efforts made by the teachers, support staff, parents, Board of Management, past students and the community at large, and make good use of these school supporting measures to explore your talents in studying, to get remarkable results in your classes and to maximize your dreams. Let us work hand in hand in this big school family!

Your academic development is very important but it is by no means the only avenue to explore. Our School’s mission is to provide holistic education so you can explore your talents and be prepared for any possibility in the near future. Leave no stone unturned.

Meanwhile, please also remember our school theme for the academic year, “Professionalism, Integrity and Accountability for All”. We cannot be regarded as truly successful and could not truly benefit mankind if we only excel in this material world without love and respect. We advocate “Professionalism with Love, Integrity with Care, and Accountability with Positive Actions”. Students, be self-disciplined and polite to the staff, your classmates and also your schoolmates; be empathetic to the weak; say hello to people you meet every day, yes, be polite and welcoming and show concern to the others. We can strive for excellence, and at the same time be humane.

Thanks to all the agents of change, collaborators of hope- my teaching colleagues. I know with your devotion and support, they` will have a very enjoyable and fruitful school life. Today is the first day we meet for the new calendar year and it is my pleasure to share with you my encouragement and expectations. Once again, be excellent Jamaicans with a heart! May God bless you all. Thank you!

Roan Green,