"Ad Astra Per Aspera" - meaning: To the stars through bolts and bars


The Petersfield High School is a Secondary Institution, which is committed to providing quality education and training to students by promoting and fostering the development of individuals who are academically, vocationally, culturally, morally and environmentally aware so that they will respond to the needs of Jamaica and fit into the world of work-persons dedicated to excellence in all area.


Striving for excellence in students learning outcomes


God of Heaven send thy blessing

On this our school

May they peace and joy unending

rest on your school

Guard us, guide us, feed us keep us

And from sin and stain defend us

Each day let thy love surround us

In this our school

Grant the teachers daily guidance

At this school

Here amidst the scenic splendor

Of this dear school

Grant Thy blessing and Thy favor

To this our school

Let our minds in peace be shadowed

From Life's dim and strife secluded

In our Hearts Thy love enfolded

In this our school

Composed by - Edit Stewart, Principal

Bless us all as here we gather

Each day at school

To love as brother, friend and sister

In this dear school

Let not evil mar our Progress

May each thought be pure and sinless

And our deeds at all times stainless

In this our school

Give the quite brave endurance

Each day at school

In their task oft times so tedious

Grant them strength and faith to lead us

Wisdom and love and grave to help us

In this our school

When at last we all are parted

From this dear school

May we join the faithful-hearted

In that great school

There all taint and evil perish

Doubts and fears and griefs shall vanish

Praise be sung from those we cherish

In this our school


The Most Hon.

Andrew Holness

Prime Minister of Jamaica

The Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller

Opposition Leader

Sir Patrick Allen

Governor General of Jamaica

The Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites

Minister of Education

Eternal Father bless our land

Guide us with thy mighty hand

Keep us free from evil powers

Be our light through countless hours

to our leaders, great defender

Grant true wisdom from above

Justice truth be ours forever

Jamaica land we love.

Jamaica, Jamaica

Jamaica land we love

Teach us true respect for all

Stir response to duty's call

strengthen us the weak to cherish

Give us vision lest we perish

Knowledge send us Heavenly father

Grant true wisdom from above

Justice truth be ours forever

Jamaica land we love

Jamaica, Jamaica

Jamaica land we love


Sam Sharpe

Paul Bogle

George William Gordon

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Norman Manley

Sir Alexandar Bustamante

National Flag

National Bird

National Coat of Arms

National Tree - Blue Mahoe

National Flower - Lignum Vitae